ooono® is a community based handsfree device that warns you of speed traps and road hazards by providing drivers with real-time alerts on their driving environment. ooono® comes pre-mapped with the location of thousands of speed traps and important road hazards througout Europe. On top of that ooono® uses its extensive community of millions of monthly active users to mark and update the locatyon of speed traps and road hazards.

The ooono® connect app gives you the freedom to specify the type of road safety information you want and when. Easily change your settings on the go. Simple, convenient and easy-to-use. No other product gives you the same piece of mind. Just drive, avoid Ackets and stay safe on the road.

ooono traffic alarm is designed and developed by Autovice A/S.

Autovice specialises in design and development of smart products to reduce stress in your daily commute. We are passionate about combining engineering and design. Our goal is to create great products that are simple, convenient and easy to use.

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