Required Android settings

Some vital settings is required on your Smartphone in order for ooono to function. Technology and apps are unfortunately sensitive meaning that one wrong setting can result in you not getting the expected output from your ooono. Follow these steps to make sure that you have the right settings.


Bluetooth needs to be ACTIVE. ooono must be connected to our app, ooono connect, via bluetooth. Without connection you cannot receive warnings.


Mobile data is a nessecity for ooono in order to download warnings. Make sure you always have 3G or 4G connection to get warnings. Without connection you cannot expect ooono to function.


Location must be set to “allow always”. We need you location data in order to warn you about speed cams and road hazards.

We often get the question “Do you know where i am at all times then?” And the answer to that is no. “Allow always” can be a bit misleading. The location of your phone, never leaves your phone, and we neither can’t nor will locate your exact position.

Your location must be set to “allow always”, even if ooono is not “always” using it. It simply means that ooono always can ask for you location. This is necessary in order to automatically connect and warn about speed cams and road hazards, without you opening your phone and connecting manually before driving.


The purpose of using a traffic alarm in stead of an app solution is that everything runs automatically. That is why ooono is designed to operate ind the background, so you dont have to remember to turn it on. For that reason it is crucial that you allow ooono connect to “background refresh”. If not, ooono is not able to warn you.


Notifications are needed to provide detailed warning information and crucial product information.


Make sure that your phone is not in “low power mode” as this will limit background activity on your phone. This will affect ooonos functionality as the app is running in the background.