ooono® is a community based device which warns you about speed traps, road hazards and other dangours situations in traffic. With millions of active users ooono offers the best coverage on the market.

ooono® functionality

Why choose a device like ooono when you can use other app solutions? The answer is simple. Convenience. With ooono your eyes stay on the road and you will never ever forget to open an app in order to receive warnings.

always warned

Unlike an app solution you wont have to open/close anything with ooono. Everything runs automatically and you will never miss a warning!

no subscription

You get access to everything for a flat fee! No subscribtion or other costs are required. Buy, install & drive. SImple as that.

easy reporting

Concept is simple. Click once to confirm and report speed traps. Double click to report other incidents in traffic. It has never been easier to help your fellow drivers.

focus on the road

It is illegal to use your phone while driving. Thats why we have made it easy for you to share your observations with others. One button. No distraction. Your focus needs to be on the road.

family widget

An ooono belongs to the whole family. Everyone can download the app and connect to the same ooono if needed. Your phone can also connect to multiple ooonos without problems.


All of our data is user generated. The real value gained from a device like ooono is not the hardware, but the community. See how you can easily help others with your observations

One click

With one click you confirm or report a speed trap that your fellow drivers need to be aware of.


With a double-click you report queue, road works, accidents or other dangers that your fellow drivers need to be aware of.


Why do i have to use an app?

It’s simple. A traffic device is dependent on your smartphone in order to send and receive realtime warnings. ooono uses your phones GPS and internet connection to localize and download warnings. For that reason it is important that you allow the right smartphone settings when onboarding your ooono.

Automatically warned

Connecting your ooono and phone is only nessacary once. Our app is designed to operate in the background meaning that ooono and app will automatically connect every time you start driving.

Customize settings

You can at any time open the app to change settings or to get a quick overview of your surrounding traffic. You really only need to open the app while setting up your ooono, but we'll add new and exciting features to the app down the road.