Required iPhone settings

ooono® requires some crucial settings on your iPhone in order to function. Follow the steps below to make sure that ooono has all the right permissions and is able to warn you on your drive.


Bluetooth needs to be activated in order for ooono to connect with your phone. Go to settings on your iPhone, choose bluetooth and turn it on. Then go to the ooono connect app and connect your ooono manually the first time. It is important that you connect your ooono with the app and not under “bluetooth devices” on your phone. The next time you get in you car and starts driving ooono will connect automatically.

Mobile data

ooono depends on mobile data in order to download warnings. Make sure you always have connection to 3G or 4G networks. Without connection warnings may be missing. You find mobile data on you iPhone –> Mobile network –> Mobile data. You will furthermore need to allow the app “ooono connect” to use mobile data. Find the app in the app list under settings and allow ooono connect to use mobile data.


ooono uses your phones GPS to identify your location and give accurate warnings. It is crucial that you allow ooono connect to use your location to be warned. Go to settings –> find the ooono connect app –> choose location –> allow always. *Your location will never leave your phone. Even though you choose “allow always” we wont use your locations at all times. It just allows ooono to ask for updated locations whenever new warnings needs to be downloaded


The purpose of using a traffic alarm in stead of an app solution is that everything runs automatically. That is why ooono is designed to operate ind the background, so you dont have to remember to turn it on. For that reason it is crucial that you allow ooono connect to “background refresh”. If not, ooono is not able to warn you. Go to settings on your iPhone –> find the ooono connect app –> allow “background refresh”


Notifications are needed to provide detailed warning information and crucial product information. Go to settings on your iPhone –> find the ooono connect app –> allow notifications. Feel free to customize how you want the notifications to be displayed.


Make sure that your phone is not in “low power mode” as this will limit background activity on your phone. This will affect ooonos functionality as the app is running in the background.